NEWSFLASH – “Mental Graffiti” Is LIVE

For those of you that follow me actively on social media you know that I’ve been goofing around about releasing a book of my so-called wisdom for several years, and have been hinting about making it a reality for the last couple months.

I’m happy, excited, and just damn thrilled to announce that it is now becoming a true reality.

As of right now, the official release date for my first book, Mental Graffiti, is January 29th 2016, a short 15 days (2 weeks) away. I am working like a champ to tie off loose ends, finish the final admin, and get this puppy ready for publication. Those things we pretty much have in the bag and are right on target.

The book in ebook format is currently available for pre-order on Amazon at the following link:

We are releasing this bad-boy in both ebook and paperback through amazon and it will be available in both formats by the 29th of January.

In addition to the ebook and print book release, we are also running a promotion contest in the weeks leading up to the release and for the week following the release to generate interest. Expect details on this contest to appear here later today after this initial announcement.

Going hand and hand with the release of the book and the promotional contest, I am also lining up to be a guest on several podcasts and blogs that you will see coming out during this time period. All in all, a very exciting time and busy time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Check back here often over the next few weeks for updates.

So what is Mental Graffiti?

Mental Graffiti is a coffee table book or bathroom reader full of my sarcastic and sometimes-insightful anecdotes, observations, and one-liners that I’ve collected over 6 years through my interaction on social media. It is a response to the throwaway nature of out society, where we are all quick to discard just about everything in favor of the next quick fix. By capturing my little tidbits of random thoughts I’ve accumulated over the years, I am fighting the tyranny of out “instant gratification fast-food” culture by preserving my observations for posterity and your reading enjoyment.


Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of random and quirky thoughts flit through our little brains everyday. Sparked by the intricate firing synapses making up our grey matter, these fleeting impressions appear and are instantly absorbed into the mental aether, often without being noticed. But sometimes, we allow those thoughts to surface long enough to be recognized as the hidden gems, to be considered fully, cherished, and/or adored in guilty terror, such as these:

I wonder if feline is best served with a white wine or a red? Maybe beer?

I bet every single one of you jack@$$es are just sick figments of my overactive, sadomasochistic imagination. It’s the only possible explanation.

I’ve been thinking leaving online reviews of restaurants and other establishments based on how comfortable and sanitary my poo experience has been while there.

For those of you who have successfully navigated yet another Monday, congratulations. For those of you who were less successful: do you need help hiding the bodies? #‎TheStruggleIsReal

It’s like my entire existence is a video game and I’m trying to get some extra life. #‎Coffee #‎LiquidLife

Scott E. Pond has been collecting his random thoughts and observations and posting them (for the enjoyment of the masses) on social media for the last six years. Mental Graffiti contains the best of the best, hand selected for you for this volume. Enjoy!

What else is included in Mental Graffiti?

Well I’m glad you asked! This book is chock full of extra goodies to entertain you, enlighten you, and put hair on your chest (or remove hair from your chest, depending on which you prefer). So what else do you get? Let me tell you:

Cover: a beautiful shot of me during one of my disciplinary sessions with Daniel the Demanding Dominatrix, aka Dee3 (not really, that was just a photoshoot with my good friend and outstanding photographer, Bruce Press).

Author Note: A rare insight into the mind and history of the recluse known in some circles as “The Man With No Time” and “The Artist of Reality Unfolding” (aka. Scott E. Pond).

Forward: A poignant and uplifting guest forward by my buddy and rival, Paul E. Cooley. Don’t worry, he kept his clothes on during the writing of that… I think.

Illustrations: Holy crap, this book is popping with interior photographs and illustrations, all tied in with my bits of uber-smart observations. There are even a couple guest illustrations in here as well. Man, you get all the good stuff. Examples of what to expect can be seen to the right, such as the PAMM advertisement, the fake movie poster (A Fistful of Bacon), and the Dung Beetle! illustration (by the talented Arthur Wright, aka Noble Bear). There’s like a bazillion illustrations in this book (Disclaimer: Scott has trouble counting. There are around 15 illustrations throughout the book). There is also a caricature of Scott as your favorite Canuck Superhero (by the amazing Marc Lapierre).

Links to a whole bunch of people and places, including my newsletter.

Author Photo: for those of you secretly or not-so-secretly in love with this hunk of man flesh, there’s also a picture of me at the back giving you my best Blue Steel pose. You are welcome. Also, make sure you use it in moderation: you can go blind doing that.

Expect to see updates in the coming weeks, including unboxing videos, signing videos, contest updates, newsletter updates (for those subscribed), and anything else that is relevant to this exciting next step.


Mental Graffiti is a product of Scott E. Pond Design Studios, LLC and Darker Reality Studios, LLC. Copyright 2016.

Mental Graffiti can be purchased, pre-ordered, and reviewed through

Join the reading community. Mental Graffiti can also be reviewed and discussed on

Interviewed – OriginStori

I was recently interviewed by the uber talented John Mierau for his OriginStori podcast. If you want to get the skinny about who I am, what I do, and why I do it, check it out.

Find out all about graphics professional extraordinaire Scott Pond in this week’s episode of OriginStori! What makes him tick? Why does he rock so much? What does he have against wooden pencils and Gangsta Rap? The answers lie within…

[To listen to this episode of OriginStori, click on the images to the left or the text above]

Content Creators: Emotions, Expectations, Responsibilities, and Reality Dues (Essay)

What do we as content creators owe our public… and ourselves?

I read a blog post this morning, a post that has been running through my head all day. You see, one of my favorite authors and podcasters, Jake Bible, has decided…

…wait, do you know Jake Bible?

… I guess I’d better explain a bit before I go on, in case you don’t know who Jake is.

Jake Bible ( is a prolific writer of fiction who blends cross-genre elements and twists them into great stories. He’s a fantastic author whose stories really speak to me on a primal, human level… even when there are zombie messiahs and assassins involved. He’s one of those authors who can capture a persona and really drive it home. He’s written many many stories and novels: DEAD MECH; THE AMERICANS; METAL AND ASH; BETHANY AND THE ZOMBIE JESUS; STARK; THE MAN WITH NO FACE; and LITTLE DEAD MAN.

Like many before him in the New Media movement (aka emerging writers who use alternate marketing techniques and delivery methods such as the internet to get their works known), he has been steadily going down the road of providing his stories free in podcast format as well as through digital text mediums.

…At least he has until now…

According to his blog post released yesterday (March 7th 2013:, Jake is leaving podcasting behind. From how it sounds, it wasn’t an easy decision by any stretch. Like others before—Scott Sigler, Mur Lafferty, Paul Cooley, Phil Rossi, and many many more—Jake took the free podcast approach as a way to generate interest and market his product… his stories.

As many authors will tell you, this used to be a great way to get content out there and generate sales for their written in print or electronic print forms.

Unfortunately, with the rapid proliferation of eBooks, podcasting, and the establishment of New Media as mainstream, this is no longer as easy as it used to be.

According to Jake:

I know at one point I said I’d podcast all of my fiction for free FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! Guess what? Life has a way of making one eat their words. Life is currently shoving my words down my throat. And laughing while doing said shoving.

While I’m not an author, per se, I am a content creator. For me, a content creator is any individual–be it an author, podcastor, artist, musician, or craftsman– who develops creative materials for consumption by the general or specialized populations.

For creative types, there are mainly two motivations that stoke our fires to create.

First, are those who do it strictly for the emotional reward. These are the folks who are no looking to make any money at what they do. Instead they are either Pure Creators (those who do art and create expressive materials strictly for the sake of the art) or they are the Emotive Creators (those who do art and create expressive materials for either the joy or responses it brings other people or the joy or satisfaction it brings to themselves). One the extreme of this side of the creative house are the Narcissistic Creators (those who achieve an almost orgasmic or spiritual satisfaction from inducing emotions in others through the creation and viewing of their works).

To be honest, almost all creatives have aspects from all three of the emotional side of the content creation spectrum.

On the other side of the pendulum are the Realistic Creators. These are the folks who have the skills and passion of the Emotional Creators, but who are looking to become serious about what has been before only a hobby and who want to make it a viable way to earn a living while doing something they love. in reality… no pun intended… most of us who end up taking our creative process seriously and who begin to move away from creating just as a way to pass the time end up migrating toward the Realistic side of the creative spectrum.

Let’s be honest with each other, here in this intimate setting. Life is very, very short. By the time we end up finding ourselves and truly come to understand that we need a purpose in this life and that every single second counts–those of us who actually attain that level of self-awareness that is–we have already lost a huge chunk of our lives. For some of us, it may be twenty years gone, or thirty, or even forty. For others… God forbid… it could be sixty, seventy, or eighty years lost to the past. No matter how much we may delude ourselves to believe that we are the next Lazarus Long, destined to live forever, or hang on to faith and hope that there is an afterlife, the only guarantee is that we will all eventually die and that the time we have left is precious.

The bottom line is, folks, that in the end it all comes down to making the most use of our time to squeeze every single bit of usefulness and life our of the time we have remaining.

I know from Jakes post that he has been struggling with his decision for a while now, struggling with what could be considered a broken promise with his honor on the line. Personally, I think he made the only decision he could have made in the circumstance, the only realistic choice possible. Life has a way of giving us what we need on average, but occasionally life can be a real bitch.

This is echoed in what Jake has revealed in his post:

Now I find myself in a place that Karma doesn’t want to touch. I think I played all my Get Out Of Jail Free cards. I am left to do the dirty work all by my lonesome. And there be dirty work that needs doing.

What is that dirty work? I need to walk away from podcasting. And, since I just launched my latest podcast novel, it’s a pretty shitty time to walk away. I know there will be many people upset by this and I know that some negative mojo will be flung my way. But such is the life of a struggling writer. I do apologize for leaving Metal and Ash unfinished (the podcast at least. Novel is available!), but the reality is that I don’t know when it could get finished. Time and life have not been kind lately and I need to take a few hundred steps back and reinvent my writing career.

It is a very thin tightrope that content creators walk, especially those who work and interact very closely and intimately with their audience, such as podcasters and face to face entertainers. There is an inherent emotional connection between the podcaster and his or her audience, very similar to what is developed between actors and actresses and their audience. An emotional connection is developed between the viewer or listener, and almost false sense of familiarity, of friendship, and of a form of intimacy between the entertained and the entertainer. This relationship is formed on the part of the fan (and to an extent on the part of the content provider) to the point where any violation of the expectations can be met with sadness, anger, and outright hostility.

So when a creator violates their perceived (and in some cases even promised) commitment to the fan-base, the natural reaction of the masses is to treat the creator as a cheating lover when they don’t continue to feed their need.

So let’s look at Jake’s situation.

He had three basic parts to his writing approach. First, was to write stories. Second, was to release free audio podcasts of said stories as a means of promotion and marketing. Third and last was to release the stories as print and/or eBook releases for purchase to the masses. In the course of growing his approach, he promised his fans that he would continue to podcast all of his fiction “for free FOR THE REST OF <HIS> LIFE.”

As a creative model goes, at its core it’s a very sound approach: first create the material goods, then market it to general populous to increase demand, and then finally reap the rewards.

But here is the key concept that we as content creators really need to focus on.

We need to be constantly asking ourselves “what is my creative model?”

For the Emotional Creatives, it’s an emotional satisfaction model. The basic model is to create the material, share it with our fans, and reap the emotional rewards. This is the purest mode of content creation, which, while it has great emotional satisfaction, is very limited on the financial reimbursement. In fact, most of the time Emotional Creatives are spending their own time and money to deliver content to their fan-base. Very altruistic if you look at it that way.

For the Realistic Creatives, it’s a true business model. The overall process, if you boil it down, is to create the material and earn money from that material. THAT is the bottom line for Realistic Creatives. For these folks, they are still getting the emotional satisfaction, and are many times still spending their own time and money to deliver it to the masses, but their end desire is to reap some net profit from the transaction in order to hopefully, one day, be able to turn their passionate hobby into a truly viable career that they can live off.

As Realistic Creatives, we need to be able to treat our products and production process as a true business. So what does that mean? That means that we need to apply the same improvement practices that successful manufacturing businesses use in order to successfully grow our creative business.

This means that many times we will need to be the creative guru but also fill the role of the marketer and the finance guy and the IT girl and the project manager and a slew of other roles to keep the business rolling. But at the core, if we are not dedicating the majority of our time to being the creative, then our business of suppling creative content will come to a screeching halt. Without the creative piece, we don’t have a business.

Conversely, if we are successfully balancing the roles and still are able to provide creative content, then we need to be constantly measuring and analyzing the different processes that make up our creative business and make constant adjustments to the non-value-added processes to ensure we are producing the most and most efficiently with the highest quality. If there is a piece of the process that is reducing the time available to create our product AND is showing no net benefit to our end goals, then it needs to be eliminated or modified.

So what does this mean?

For an Emotional Creative who is looking to gain emotional satisfaction from people liking your products, the goal is to get some sort of reaction or response from your works. If no one likes your creations or no one seems to care, are you going to continue to make your products the same way?

Of course not.

You will either modify your creations to fit your target audience, or you will seek an alternative target audience. In some extreme cases you may actually stop creating due to the lack of return on your investment.

It’s no different for the Realistic Creative.

If he or she is doing a process step that is showing no net return or impact on the net return on their investment, they need to evaluate that step to see if it is truly necessary or if it should be modified or outright removed from the overall business process. We as Realistic Creatives need to be able to evaluate all of the processes as being necessary or unnecessary from a financial, emotional, and networking standpoint and make changes to best suit the overall impact on the end goal.

This is exactly what Jake has done.

Despite having made a commitment–perhaps in haste and most likely originally driven by his passion as a creator–he is making the best business choice for where he wants to take his creative process and achieve his end goal. When faced with the hard choices of diminished time, as a Realistic Creative we need to be able and willing to weed out the processes that do not directly contribute to achieving the end business goal. In the case of Jake’s situation, he had the choice of continuing to podcasting his fiction for free and at a slower pace (and thereby having no time to create anything new that would be viable and sellable products) or he could focus on the core of what he really wants to be doing, which is writing and turning his passion into a career.

I for one salute Jake’s decision, as it is one I too have been struggling with for the last year and a half since my father died. Life doesn’t give us too much time to do what we love. If we waste that time and don’t actually dedicate that time to doing things that give our life meaning and what we love and what will give us the most satisfaction toward our life’s goals, then we are shorting ourselves in our foot.

We have choice: we can continue to be the Emotional Creative and try to squeeze in our art when we aren’t too busy doing our day-jobs and struggling with the burdens that life straps us with. We can limit our reimbursement to those small emotional rewards. We can let it remain nothing more than a hobby.

Or we can be the Realistic Creative who drives toward making our passion for creation our primary means of enjoyment and potential income, ensuring that we eventually achieve the perfect balance. To get from the former to the latter requires change and constant evaluation… along with some hard decisions.

It’s good to see that Jake is willing to make those hard decisions.

Given the choice, as a fan of Jake’s, I’d rather buy his stories and directly invest in his future products than to mooch off a nice situation and reap a more limited reward (for free).

For me, it just makes good business sense.


What do you think? How do you strike the balance between the Emotional Creative and the Realistic Creative in you?

Please leave a comment; I’d love to hear what you think.

New Cover Design: Scott Silger's THE MVP has been sent to print!!!

Awwwwww yeah!  Whose house?  

That’s right, it’s our muddah shucking house!

It’s official… Scott Sigler’s soon to be released novel, THE MVP, is off to the printing house.

It features a cover and 16 page color insert designed by yours truly (aka Scott “Big Fish” “Pondy” Pond), interior layout by Donna Mugavero, and contributing insert illustrations/designs by W. Seth Hanisek. You can see a glimpse of the cover (including the trophy, Ki hand, and Sklorno tentacle I designed and built exclusively for this project) over at today and below!


THE MVP is the fourth book in Sigler’s Galactic Football League (GFL) series. It is getting released this September as a limited edition and signed hardcover… get yours ordered now because once they are gone they are gone!

Design on the insert and dust jacket for this fantastic book began over 6 months ago. In that time, there were many ideas and concepts thrown back and forth until we settled on the initial flushed-out concept for the main cover: an MVP trophy being held up (and maybe even being fought over) by several GFL players. From there we continued to toss ideas back and forth as we decided on the final trophy design, settled on three players (a human, a KI, and a Sklorno), and the overal design and layout of all the elements.

That was the easy part.

Then came the actual design, creation (yes that trophy, Ki hand/arm, and Sklorno tentacles are real, physical things), photography, photo-manipulation, and layout of the cover.

It’s been a long road to get here, but oh baby… sooooo worth it.

You’ll see when you actually see this baby and hold it in your hands.

And that’s just the front cover.

Wait until you see the rest of the dust jacket AND the 16-page color insert (with some fantastic illustrations/designs by the groovy W. Seth Hanisek). But we don’t want to talk about THAT right now, do we? That would spoil the surprise… (EVIL LAUGHTER).

With Sigler’s fantastic story, Donna’s awesome and amazing interior treatment, and this cover and insert, this book is gonna be a work of art.


Apparently Scott Sigler and his wonderful cohort, A Kovacs, feel the same:

Check it out: the final whoop-ass cover for THE MVP, BOOK IV in the Galactic Football League series. The cover is the creation of Scott “Big Fish” Pond, who can apparently conjure a Ki lineman up from nothing (or maybe by sacrificing a few baby squirrels, we don’t know and we’re pretty sure we don’t want to know).”


Haven’t yet experienced the GFL series? Not a problem… pick up your copies in eBook, hardcover (for THE STARTER, THE ALL-PRO, and THE MVP… unfortunately THE ROOKIE is sold out), or pick them up soon in paperback.

The entire GFL series will be coming to Barnes and Noble and via Amazon.ocm in paperback over the next 8 months, again with cover designss by yours truly.

Pick up your copy of THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER from B&N and Amazon in August (August 7th according to both sites).

My covers for THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER can be seen below, with fantastic character illustrations by Adrian Bogart. If you haven’t been over to Adrian’s site, man… you are missing out! He is bloody amazing. Check him out at



THE ALL-PRO and THE MVP will also be available in paperback around December at B&N (again with Adrian and I combining our efforts on more fantastic covers).

I cannot recommend this series enough. It is a pulse-pounding sci-fi story arc with the feel of THE BLINDSIDE, THE GODFATHER, and STAR WARS combined into one deliciously exciting and hard-hitting tale.

To be blunt… It effing rocks hard!

Head on over to Sigler’s site and pre-order your copy of this beauty.

According to his site, your time is running out on this masterpiece!

This is your last chance to order! final numbers are due on Monday and we’re considering only printing to order. If you want to be 100% sure you get your copy(s), now’s the time. We are not kidding. Don’t blame us if you get left out.”



Mental Residue – Episode 002: The End of the Path (Short Story)

In this episode, you get to drift off to sleep with my soothing, melodic voice as I tell you a bedtime story.

There are bunnies (hidden), trees, a gurgling brook, and a hike through the woods.  Oh, and dear, dead friends… how sad.  I hope there’s also a moral to the story (there may be)… or at least some good old-fashioned poltergeist activity (there isn’t).

So grab your blankie and mug of a frothy beverage of your choice, snuggle in, and get lost in the rich and melodious voice of your favorite closet geek.

Hope you like it.  If you happen to listen to it, please leave a comment on what you think.

If you would rather read it instead of hearing my lovely voice, you can see the text version here:

Mental Residue Podcast – Episode 001: Interview with Paul Cooley

Hello my friends. Welcome to the first ever episode of Mental Residue, the official podcast of Scott Pond Design Studios.

I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast for my works and thoughts for several years. Around 3 years ago I came this close (holds up thumb and forefinger about 2 mm apart) to actually launching one after I interviewed Nathan Lowell, but things fell through and I got sidetracked.

Over the last weekend, as I posted, I was down in Maryland at Balticon. I had the opportunity to interview Paul E. Cooley – The Fiend Master – for an Intro to Journalism class. After the interview, I decided to piss or get off the pot. It was time to step up or shut up. You know… all the normal cliches for stopping being a lazy ass.

So here it is… my inaugural episode. *HOLDS BREATH*

I’m very interested in what you think, what you believe should be changed, etc. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

We’re Baaaa-aaaack! Musings on Balticon 46…

Hello my friends! We’re back from Balticon and I have to tell ya a great time was had by all! True, some seemed to have a LOT more fun than others (and probably don’t remember any of it) but I think it was definitely a blast this year.

Took my son, Logan, who had a fantastic time. He got to meet Paul Cooley, Scott Sigler, A Kovacs, and many others… needless to say he was quite starstruck and now has the writers spark rekindled in him (yay!). He had a great time and definitely wants to attend next year as well. A wonderful bonding experience for us both, I think.

Saw some really great panels this year:

The Geologic Podcast live recording session, the GFL Expansion-Scott Sigler session, the Grindstone live recording session, and the live readings by Scott Sigler, Nathan Lowell, and Paul Cooley all stand out as well. These particular sessions really made the con totally worthwhile for me. The others were great, but these were the icing on the cake.

Other great things came out of Balticon other than just some great memories:

Sat down with the great folks at Dark Overlord Media (Scott Sigler and A Kovacs) and finalized the last-minute details for The MVP cover and insert design and the GFL paperback cover designs. Some REALLY cool stuff going on here. Also brought along some of the… let’s just say ‘elements’… that I’m using for the cover and insert design. You may get to see a little something about this after The MVP ships on the Friday Fix feed over at… but that’s all I’m saying about that!

Got a chance to sit down with Paul E. Cooley–aka The FiendMaster— for an interview I needed for my final class for my degree (intro to journalism). What a great interview! We talked about his works, his philosophy on what makes a great story, his views on the evils of the traditional publishing routes, a little about his past and how that may contribute to his unique brand of story telling, and why/how he developed his fantastic ‘MyWrite’ app. We talked for over an hour… and I have the entire thing recorded. While the original intent was to just use it for class, this stuff is just too good. Going to try to clean up the sound quality a bit and will try to post it here for you to enjoy.

Sat down with the talented and vivacious Sue Taliaferro–aka BrightEyedDyer, poet and dye enthusiast–to discuss a great new project. More of this will be revealed in the coming months but I think it’s safe to say that we may have a little something-something coming out later this year with our combined talents that you’ll be able to purchase. ’nuff said on that as well.

Finally got to meet Scott Roche at the con this year. Scott is a fantastic author who has some really great short form fiction available (such as Ginny Dare, which I finally got a signed copy of!). He also is involved with several podcasts as well. Well worth it to check out his site ( We got to talk briefly about covers, cons, and where he’d like to take his own work as well. What a great guy! Definitely someone I’d love to collaborate with sometime.

Also got a chance to meet (very briefly) the fantastic John Mierau. John is a science fiction and fantasy writer/storyteller. I’ve wanted to meet John for a while now and luckily I finally at least got to see him in action and shake his hand. For a Canadian, his a friggin’ laugh-riot (inside joke). Seriously, though, check out his work over at This chap is another I’d love to collaborate with sometime.

Last, but definitely not least, I finally at least got a chance to meet the wonderful writer and digital designer Starla Huchton. I’ve been following her design work over the last year and I have to say not only is she one classy lady but she is also a damn good cover designer. I attended a few of her design panels and was quite impressed. I wanted to sit down with her over Balticon to talk shop but unfortunately the opportunity didn’t present itself. If you get a chance, head on over and check out her work at: and

Overall, Balticon 46 was a great event. A lot of cos-play folks, great panels, and fantastic people. Would not have missed it for the world. Now I just have to wait for Balticon 47 to finally roll around…



Awww, Snap! Look Who’s In The HOUSE!

Whose House?



There are moments that are exciting.

You know… those moments that make your heart beat a little faster, or put a grin on your face, or that make you think “Gee, I guess I AM doing something right.”

Those types of moments are what I call an “average exciting” moment.

Well, I just had an “Oh my effing lord I’m like crazy effing insanely excited” moment.

My good friends over at Dark Øverlord Media (DØM)–A Kovacs (the vivaciously awesome Director of DØØM… yes, I just called A “vivaciously awesome”) and Scott Sigler (our Future Dark Øverlord… yes, THAT Scott Sigler… NY Times Best Selling Author and all around Freaking Awesome Dude)–have announced that I (yes, me… the “other” Scott, a.k.a. “Big Fish”) am the In-House Graphic Designer and a Preferred Provider for DØM.

Sweaty palms? Check.

Racing heart? Check.

Jumping up and down like a freaking’ crazy person. Uh… I admit it… check.

To listen to DØM’s announcement, head on over here: 46_FridayFix__GFL_T-Shirts_January_2012.mp3

This announcement rides on the coat-tails of DØM releasing 4 new Galactic Football League (GFL) tee-shirts. Oh, did I mention that I designed these 4 tees? Yes, another “Oh my God my head is swimming from excitement” moment. Check these puppies out… I can’t explain how much I dig these designs (I’m a little partial to the Krakens and the Pirates tees, but I totally l-o-v-e all of these).


Each of these are available over at DØM… why not head over and pick up one, or two, or all four of them today? To order them (oh, and the “Dig The Sig” tee that I designed the logo for in celebration of SiglerFest2011), head on over to now!

I can’t fully express how much this means to me, to become part of the DØM family. You have no idea (and I mean this with all sincerity) how much A and Scott rock.  Not only are they uber creative and progressive business people, they are just so amazing both professionally and personally. To be able to be involved in giving Scott’s fans a visual representation of the work they do is an honor above anything I can explain. And since I’m a fan of Scott’s as well, to be able to give him the best graphics I can come up with is a dream-come-true.

Plus, it satiates a fan-boy’s need to see those images come to life!

Add to that the fact that they continue to come up with ideas that help me explore what I can do and push me to the edge of the envelop and beyond, which is any designer’s dream job/situation. And what ideas they are. Wowzer. We’re only now chipping at the surface of what DØM is looking to do visually and as a brand/product: I’ve seen a couple glimpses of what they have in mind and all I can say is “Oh my, I can’t bloody wait.”

It’s going to be a fun and amazing ride. And that’s just the professional side.

Personally, both Scott and A mean a cubic ton to me. Whether they fully realize it or not (and knowing them I’m positive they do know), they helped me through a very difficult time in my life, giving me something to focus on during the single most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever had to go through. Through them, I was able to focus on something as I rode through that challenge; without being able to focus on their projects last year I’m positive it would have been so much more difficult than it already was.

In a nutshell, just let me wrap up by saying that I’m looking forward where we’re going at DØM and am so excited to be able to help bring their visuals to life.

It’ll be a crazy, fun ride… so close the damn door, put the pedal to the metal, and let’s get going.

Whose House?

Awww yeah… it’s OUR house!