Mental Graffiti

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Synopsis: A twisted coffee table book or bathroom reader from the dark and wacky mental recesses of a creative dude. Hundreds, sometime thousands, of random and quirky thoughts flit through our little brains everyday. Sparked by the intricate firing synapses making up our grey matter, these fleeting impressions appear and are instantly absorbed into the mental æther, often without being noticed. But sometimes, we allow those thoughts to surface long enough to be recognized as the hidden gems, to be considered fully, cherished, and/or adored in guilty terror, such as these:

I wonder if feline is best served with a white wine or a red? Maybe beer?

I bet every single one of you jack@$$es are just sick figments of my overactive, sadomasochistic imagination. It’s the only possible explanation.

I’ve been thinking leaving online reviews of restaurants and other establishments based on how comfortable and sanitary my poo experience has been while there.

For those of you who have successfully navigated yet another Monday, congratulations. For those of you who were less successful: do you need help hiding the bodies? #‎TheStruggleIsReal

It’s like my entire existence is a video game and I’m trying to get some extra life. #‎Coffee #‎LiquidLife

Scott E. Pond has been collecting his random thoughts and observations and posting them (for the enjoyment of the masses) on social media for the last six years. Mental Graffiti contains the best of the best, hand selected for you for this volume. Enjoy!

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Print Book Price: $10.99 +S&H   (Buy the Print Book)

eBook Price: $2.99   (Buy the eBook)